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Manage, model, monitor, and make meaning

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Help families of school-aged children and adolescents navigate digital media with advice from this new CPS position statement

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New Policy Documents

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The CPS is the professional home of more than 3,300 paediatricians, paediatric subspecialists and other child health providers, including family physicians and nurses.

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What We Do

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Public Policy Advocacy

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We advocate to all levels of government for legislation, programs, and policy that help support the health and well-being of children and youth.

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Journal: Paediatrics & Child Health

Paediatrics & Child Health (PCH) is the official journal of the Canadian Paediatric Society, and the only peer-reviewed paediatric journal in Canada. Its mission is to advocate for the health and well-being of all Canadian children and youth and to educate child and youth health professionals across the country.

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JUNE 6-8, 2019Warhammer Age of Sigmar Lizardmen Seraphon Terradon Riders 708

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November 2019Moving to Acceptance: How to address vaccine hesitancy in your busy practice


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